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January 12, 2010
By JH8909 SILVER, Houston, Texas
JH8909 SILVER, Houston, Texas
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Mrs. Culver stood at the front of the class competing for the class’s attention with Jarrett. He just couldn’t refrain from telling the story about his weekend at the lake house. Mrs. Culver’s lighthearted giggles quickly turned into a frustrated roar slapping Jarrett with a Tuesday dentition. Jarrett immediately went into defensive mode; Mrs. Culver had never punished him for class disturbing behavior. “Mrs. Culver I didn’t mean to say it like that please don’t do this I’m only a freshman!” Jarrett whined. Mrs. Culver closed her eyes and took a deep breath trying to dismiss Jarrett comments and carry on with class. Looking around the room, most kids laughed at Jarrett’s inability to control himself, but some had a relieved look thankful to get on with class. The Writing and Declamation class was easy to follow but no one understood why Jarrett found it so hard to corporate. He was a great source of entertainment but that does not do well on a high school report card.

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