Moving to Georgia

January 12, 2010
By Andrew Harding BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Andrew Harding BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Getting in a giant truck and moving to Georgia was one of the roughest experiences in my life. Leaving my friends and family in one half of the country and moving to the other. Does it sound like something that you would want to do? Probably not, all my life I thought that I was going to be the average kid living in Houston, Texas with all my friends, and just going about my business.

Then, IT happened. My mom began dating someone, and my life began to change. I was no longer the kid that would be living an average life in Houston, Texas. I was the kid with a mom that was dating someone, and not spending time with me afterschool. I began to wonder why my mom didn’t spend as much time with me. I began to feel lonely, question if this was for the better, and why this was happening.

By the next Christmas they were already engaged, which I thought was even worse. I still wasn’t even comfortable with the idea of them going out. Later it got better for me though, because he left and went to Georgia, to get settled in for us and learn about the area. After he left I was really happy because my mom started to spend time with me again. We started to go to the movies, go bowling, and other stuff like that. But at the same time, I wasn't happy because I knew that after my 2nd grade year I would be moving to Georgia.

That summer, my mom’s fiancé came back from Georgia and they got married in Louisiana. I then knew it was official I had a dad. My mom was extremely happy and everything like a newly wed would be. I wasn’t though. I was unsure about this being the right thing; it was also against what my mom had told me before she started dating. My mom told me that she was never going to get married again.

After the wedding, we went back to Houston and began to pack up so that we could move to Georgia. We packed all day, but afterwards we were done. We left at night the next day and arrived in the afternoon the day after.

On the way, I was complaining and saying, “Mom why do we have to go to Georgia we don’t know anyone there.”

She replied, “It will be for the better, besides it’s the only option that we have right now.”

I told her, “It’s not going to be all right, I don’t want to leave all my friends behind.”

She then told me, “It will be all right, you will make tons of friends. Just don’t worry about it.”

I didn’t believe her; I didn’t want to believe her. I never thought that she was telling the truth. Although, as soon as we got settled in Georgia and school started, I realized that she was right. I had many friends and liked where I was. There were a bunch of new experiences in Georgia, such as new stores, new restaurants, different people, and much more.

For me I liked school better than I did while I was in Texas other than the fact that it was public school. There were more kids and the school was bigger. There were probably twice as many kids in my class then there would be in Texas. One of my favorite times with my classmates was in the winter of my fourth grade. My class was out on the playground, and there was ice everywhere. We decided to play tag. People were running everywhere, and sliding to any possible spot on the playground. It was extremely fun. I also remember my first snow day. I woke up in the morning and screamed. My mom came and thought that a roach or spider had come out.

I told her, “Mom it’s snowing!”

She couldn’t believe it. It was one of the best days of my life, no school and a day out at a bunch of electronic stores!

In the end I learned that my mom was right and that I should listen to her a little bit more, because she is probably right about it.

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