My mothers Boyfriend

January 12, 2010

We used to be close, my mother and I. We would joke that we were supposed to be sisters, or best friends. We were the type of family that bought a 15 pound feminine male dog and called him the man of the house. We used to sit up till the morning, giggling and laughing or painting each others toes. We would tell each other anything, thats how we got through everything.
But it all changed. I guess I had known it would happen, but I didn't think of it much.
First I thought it was a crush, id seen my fair share of those.
Then I thought it was one date, I shuddered at the coming hours of gossip about how awful it went.
Then I thought it was a fling, they'd only lasted a month.
Then I thought its just temporary, I wondered how much ice cream we would go through when it ended.
But alas! He's still around. The guy who's retired and rides a harley to relive the good old days. The person who thinks teenagers are no smarter then a toddler and finds them a waste of space. But he was what she liked so I smiled and giggled with her but cryed myself to sleep. The next thing I knew he would say things like weekend camping trip and we can send the kid there, or month long cruise and you can have the teenager stay with them. Then id get calls, right when id get back from school saying to feed the dog because she'd be gone for a couple of days. Now it's all about his pep-talks titled "time to let go of your kid" or "how soon is she going off to collage" even "can't she stay with her dad".
We used to share everything, now I see her twice a week. She used to come home smiling, now she takes all her anger out on me then tells me its my teenage horomones starting all the trouble. She used to ask what was wrong if I looked down, but now she says im too busy to talk, why don't you tell me tomarrow.
And she used to call me sweety, now she calls me by my name. And when he calls her, what dose she say? "Hi sweety, how was your day?"

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