January 11, 2010
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I walk out of my front door, my dad watching me walk across the street to my neighbor’s house, Donna. I ring the doorbell, and as I entered the house I sniff and smell some sort of seasoned chicken. I walk in to Donna’s light pink room with kitties all on the wall. “Ding dong,” the doorbell rang, as and enter joyfully to come and play. We seven year olds got out our Barbies and dressed them up in sparkly dresses and brushed their blonde artificial hair. As playtime passed I said,” I think I want to go home, I’m getting tired.”
“Yeah, me too,” Kassandra agreed.
Donna complained, “No, no, no. Don’t leave. It is too early.” Donna ran to the door to prevent us from leaving.
Kassandra replied, “But we’re tired.”
Donna responded,“ No stay a little bit more. Please?”
“Fine,” Kassandra and I unhappily decided.
As we left Kassandra said,“ That was a little creepy.”
Another day the three of us were playing with our Barbie again.
Donna said,“ I want Barbie!”
Kassandra denied,“ No, you get Madison, I get the Barbie, and Karina gets Chelsea.”
Donna was mad, because all of us thought that Madison was the ugly doll. This was only one of the few mean moments we would unpleasantly play at her house. At moments like picking the Barbies, I felt kind of bad. Donna, since that day we felt weird out by her acts, has been getting the bitter end of the stick, and Kassandra and I have not been treating her kindly and fairly.
That day I told her,“ I’m so sorry for being Kassandra and I being really mean to you lately.
Donna replied,“ It’s okay. I’m sorry about making yall stay at my house, even when you guys were tired.”
“It’s okay,” Kassandra and I both replied.
I felt really bad for bullying her in the first place, even though we were young, it is still not an excuse, it’s not the right thing, especially when it is two against one.

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