This One Time...

January 5, 2010
“Do you know that little boy from church?” said my mom.
I said, “Yeah, that kid is annoying. What about him?”
“He is going through some rough times and I told his mother you could do something with him this weekend”
“What? Why did you do that? I had plans with my friends.” I decided to give my friends a break and try to have a good time him.
What could I do with him, hmm…? I did not know his interest or activities. So I decided to take him to a lake and teach him how to fish. On Saturday morning, with two fishing poles, a tackle box, a cooler full of drinks and two containers of worms, I drove to his house.
We pulled up to Nashotah Park and carried the gear down to the lake. “Have you ever fished before?” I asked.
The boy said, “No.”
I had a lot to teach him. The first thing I showed was how to tie a line to a hook. I showed him four times before he got, but I continued to be persistent. He squirmed just as much as the worn did when he tried putting it on, so I did that part for him.
“Now you cast your line in the water like this. When you feel the fish bite on your line, yank your pole up and reel it in.”
After a few minutes he shouted, “I think I got one!”
“Good now start reeling it in.”
“I am I am!” That was the first time he caught a fish.
The boy lost his dad three years ago, two days before his eighth birthday. He didn’t have much time to bond with his dad and do father-son activities. I’m glad I had the opportunity to spend the day with him; I learned a lot that day. Before someone judges someone they should know their story. That annoying kid was not annoying after getting to know him. Having a little patients pays off in the ends. In his room hung a picture, with the two of use and his first fish. I will never forget that day.

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