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January 4, 2010
By cheyianne BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
cheyianne BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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A year ago I went to the American Management Association Workshop. During a session we were asked a series of mindless questions, resulting in being divided into four groups. My group was the penguin. I was happy that I was a cute black and white creature that looked like they had the most care-free life in the world. The purpose of this activity was to see what type of person we are and how we make our decisions. When I heard that I thought, “Oh no I am a clueless, flight less bird that is unaware of their drab all white surroundings.” Luckily I was wrong. Like penguins, I consider the world my playground, stand my ground, and communicate by vocalizing all the time. What I consider most relative to myself is that I do consider the world my playground. Contributing to this is living in New York City. But even the greatest of cities can only give you the attractions. You have to want to go for the ride. Willing to explore anything that has a sign and legitimate license I wander the streets that open their arms for me. From Williamsburg over the bridge to Chelsea and then a train ride to Astoria I explore everything that is allowed in the unlimited world of the tri-state area. Like the penguins of Madagascar New York City may be my home but it’s time for me to waddle my way out and find a new place to reign as my new found turf.

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