Liquid Diamond

January 4, 2010
By karakelso BRONZE, Bonita, California
karakelso BRONZE, Bonita, California
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After the reflective yet claustrophobic car ride from San Diego to June Lake, there’s nothing better than the exultation you feel at the sight of the snow capped mountains and the thrillingly remarkable turquoise body of water laying calmly below them.

Your cabin is two miles away and you arrive in no time. After unpacking your tee shirts, shorts, and sandals; you set off to wander around your favorite place in the world. The destination your family has visited every summer that you can remember. As familiar as this small town in the mountains is to you by now, you realize you can never take its natural beauty for granted, and the way it encourages peace in your heart.

You find yourself settling on the edge of a dock on the waterfront, beaming dreamily as you take in the California sunshine. You slip off your leather flip flop and dip your freshly pedicured toes into the cool lake water. It contrasts brilliantly from the dry, ninety degree air. Ahead of you is a luminous jewel, that of your favorite kind. It glimmers and reflects the sunlight like a liquefied diamond, if only this gem could be incorporated into a piece of jewelry you can wear.

Later into the day, you’re lounging on the patio when you realize that outside your pleasantly blaring headphones, nothing but peace and quiet is to be heard. The iced tea you’re sipping tastes sweeter and more refreshing her, and beyond your spankin’ new aviator shades are bluer skies.

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