September 16, 2009
By , san bernardino, CA
after my frist love i didnt date for a year, untill my friend convinced me i dated someone totally disater the second attempt is proving to be a disater, my current boy friend and i have gone out for a year..i know what you are thinking awww!!!but in fact it has been all pink and happy.
he has called me the b word,he does tantrums!!!when he doesnt get what he does,he talks to his ex girlfriend after she made dismal rumors about me,he always acts selfish. I am siuck and tired of this i cant seem to break up with him, but i cant i dont have the courage to say it. i thought maybe getting back to date again might help ease the pain of losing the person i love th most but so far nothing i am getting ready to give up! i have noticed that sometimes girls stay with guys that have been total jerks and are still with them and saddlty i am one of them.

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