Unexpected Intentions

December 16, 2009
By Scott_Linda BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
Scott_Linda BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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I find it very hard for teens in general to as a whole, want to make something predictive of there selves. Honestly that’s where I think all the problems begin. Most of use don’t have either a father figure or mother or just maybe even both. And most of the time girls need that extra confront from there fathers and boys need it from there mothers. I find it sad because no child asked to be brought on the earth. And it is sure not anyone’s place to take anyone out especially by violence. Know day’s life is so scarce you never know when your last breath is going to be tooking or were it will be taking, or who is going to take it from you. I was recently in this situation; I had a group of selfish, young boys, shot my two friends. And know my close friend is six feet under. What’s sad about it the whole situation is that, my friends aren’t gang members! They are both smart and out going, full of life people. It seemed as though the group of boys had some type of problem with my friends. Now the youngest brother gets barred at age seventeen. That was the saddest day I’ve ever lived through. What makes it so crazy, is that he didn’t deserve this. He was an “A” student. He was also, a member of the football team. The day of his departure was the most touching day of all my school's students and teachers lives. Especially, the senior class which I am a proud part of. His memory will live forever. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of him. And he also is to make me smile daily, that will remain in my mind forever. The day our senior class I can remember him. We are still going to be talking about his silly jokes he always said. And the way he uses to always be late to every class. He will always be missed.

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