Christmas Eve

December 16, 2009
By , Harrisburgh, PA
I woke up from the noisy clock ringing. I rubbed my hand on the foggy window to see clearly outside. There was a blanket of snow lying on the ground. I looked at the clock. It was 7:00 am, Christmas Eve. I put on warm clothes and walked downstairs. Next I made myself a bowl of cereal and watched TV. A Christmas tree branch was hanging in front of the TV screen, so I took off the ornament and the branch flew up. After that, I put the ornament on another branch. I watched SpongeBob for about forty five minutes and then made myself eggs and sausage for breakfast. My relatives would be coming soon. They were going to arrive in about one hour. Suddenly, the rest of my family came down stairs. They stole my sausage because they were too lazy to make anymore. Therefore I ran away and devoured down the remaining food. It’s hard to find food because there are seven kids and mom and dad don’t go shopping that often. I usually go to my friends’ house and mooch off some of their stuff. I went upstairs and counted my money. $15.00 was what I had. Then I remembered that I had to get Lindsay a Christmas present this year. I quickly picked up the phone and called Rob.

I asked “Do you want to go to Target?”

“Umm sure” he said.

“Ok, I’ll meet you at your house, bye.”

“Bye” he said.

I walked outside and took Seth’s bike because he let me borrow it and Alec rammed my bike into a wall and broke it. When I arrived at Rob’s house he was waiting with his bike in the drive way therefore I didn’t need to stop, he just tagged along. We didn’t talk until we had to get off our bikes and walk them up the hill. When we arrived at Target I asked him how much money he had.

“None” said Rob. “How much money do you have?”

“I have…” I reached in my pocket to check. “Fifteen dollars.” We parked our bikes in the bike rack beside Target. Then we walked inside. After that we walked to the candy aisle. I was looking around in the other isle and found a big green pillow. I took it to the price scanner. It was $11.00.

“Perfect, and on my budget,” I said. Then we walked to the cashier. Rob’s mom was the cashier.

“Mom, can I have a dollar for a soda?”

“Yeah, here you go,”said Rob’s mom. She handed him a dollar.

“Thanks Mom.”

Then I bought the pillow. Me and Rob went to the vending machine outside of the store. Rob bought a Coke. After that we went to the rack and got our bikes. Finally we rode back home to Rob’s house. When we got there it was 8:45 so I went home. I got home at 9:00. I parked Seth’s bike in my garage and walked inside. My family was cleaning and wrapping presents for Christmas. I ran up to my room and wrapped the pillow. The wrapping paper had snowmen on it. I wrote “Lindsay” on it and placed it under the Christmas tree. Then I cleaned my room. Just as I finished cleaning, my cousins arrived. My cousins were Adam and Katie. Adam and Katie lived on a farm. Adam was as tall as my dad and he was only nineteen! Katie had red hair and freckles. Then me, Kevin, my older brother, and Adam played soccer in the backyard. Kevin won by ten points. It is hard to play soccer in the snow because it’s hard to kick the ball far. So, we played waffle ball instead. Wiffle ball would be fun because the ball would plop and stop in the snow wherever it landed. So we used a big bat, an orange ball, and orange bases so the bases and the ball couldn’t hide in the snow. That worked out well and we all scored the same amount of points because I was a good fielder, Kevin was a good runner, and Adam was a good hitter. Then I went inside and fell asleep on the couch while they went downstairs to play videogames. I woke up around five o’ clock. I could smell the turkey cooking in the oven and the corn steaming on the stove. The potatoes were being mashed by the mixers because my mom was making mashed potatoes. I got up and walked up to my room. I walked into my room and turned on the lights and the T.V. Then I grabbed a pack of Sour Skittles from my closet and laid down on my bed. After that I changed the channel to forty on the T.V. and started watching Spongebob again. Next I got bored so I walked back downstairs to see what everybody was doing. My mom and my two little sisters, Erin and Drew, were setting the table for dinner. Eric was on the computer checking his Facebook. Kevin and Adam were watching T.V. and Lindsay and Katie were just talking. Finally, dinner was ready. I grabbed a plate and put turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, and gravy on it and mixed them all together. Next I ate my dinner in about five minutes. The last person to finish was Drew about five minutes later. At around 7:00 my mom started making cookie dough. When the dough was ready, everyone sat down at the dinner table and put some dough on wax paper and started flattening it out with a rolling thing that flattened stuff, like cookie dough. When the dough was flat, they took a template and pressed it down on the dough. The templates were shaped like stars, Christmas trees, and ginger bread men. I flattened out some dough and grabbed a template that was shaped like a present. I pressed it into the dough and then took it back out. Then I peeled out the dough that I put the template in and put sprinkles on it. Finally, I put the cookie on the cookie sheet with all of the other cookies and put the cookie sheet in the oven. When the cookies were ready I took them out of the oven and peeled them off of the cookie sheet with a metal spatula. I put the cookies on a plate and sat them next to the fire place. I poured a glass of milk and sat it next to the cookies for Santa. He would be breaking into our house tonight to leave presents. I was hoping to get a bike. Then we started making ginger bread houses. I would get graham crackers and make a box. Then I would put icing on the corners so that they would stay together. I added two crackers to the top to make the roof. Again, I put icing on the corners to hold it together. Finally, I made a path of gumdrops and put pretzels on the house to make windows. After that, we finished and sat the houses on the dining room table. Then all of the kids walked down stairs to go to sleep. That is the end of my story.

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