Negativity Friendships

December 15, 2009
By Anonymous

I agree with the article that states that people become friends if they dislike the same thing. Many people believe that they are right when they judge someone and if another person also disagrees, then the two people can become friends. If some people have very strong dislikes about someone or something than there friendship would grow stronger.
One example of how this is true was when I had a disagreement with someone on the bus. As the argument grew, another kid on the bus started to back me up. We outnumbered the kid on the bus and we won the argument. We became close friends after that. We share the same dislikes and we also share some interests. I believe that if the dislikes of two people are very strong, then they will become closer friends. I believe that if a friendship only lasts on negativity, it is not as strong as a relationship as a friendship that rests on both positive and negative beliefs.

One time, my cousin and I were playing basketball at the park. We were playing a one on one game when we were interrupted by two other kids that wanted to play us. They looked very mean and looked down on us. My cousin and I already hated those two kids. They challenged us to a game. They weren’t that good, and we easily beat them. When we finished the game, the two kids left, and my cousin and I had a closer friendship because we both hated them. I think that our friendship was very strong because we both had the same dislikes and likes.

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