Journal Entry 09.09.09

December 14, 2009
By Emily Foong BRONZE, Inverness, Illinois
Emily Foong BRONZE, Inverness, Illinois
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The sight of a bird carcass interrupted my jog today. The rotten stench settled in my nose and the sun soaked putrid flesh was palpable in the air. Most people would avert their head in disgust; however, the scene possessed a profound gravity that I couldn’t ignore. Beneath the ugliness, my eyes connected with the naturally engineered brilliance of hollowed bones, and intricate feathers. The ethereal experience triggered my mind to wander: Why do hollow bones allow birds to fly? What is the density of the bone? Is there a correlation between bone density and flight speed? My thoughts consumed time, and the adrenaline of studying such magnificent natural phenomena gave me invigorating tingles. When I returned to the sanctity of my room, my pen reconstructed the flesh upon the skeleton and restored life to its remains. Through my art, this imagined sparrow can forever dwell within my journal; perhaps someday I’ll reopen my journal to this page and resurrect the bird so it may take flight in my mind's eye again.
I am content when I release myself to the embrace of nature. The simplest of notions, observations, and intuitions can spark my mind to run rampant amongst my organic surroundings. My fascination stems from an appreciation of art and science. I find beauty in the way gravity functions, or the mannerisms of simple harmonic motion, or the way cells are structured that genuinely fascinates me. I crave to extend beyond the Darwinian model of observation and theorization because – I want to create beauty, and through my pen, paper, and imagination… I can.

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