Why don't we just dance?

December 20, 2009
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Call it a cliché. Call it whatever you want, but it drives me insane how every time I turn on my iPod every single song reminds me of you.

I mean, what’s your problem? Invade my mind? Fine. Invade my heart? Go ahead. But invade my iPod? Really?

I bought that thing for $99.99. Sure, the screen was scratched and there was no “hold” button to speak of. Yeah, the touch pad wasn’t sensitive and the buttons barely worked. But if you titled it to the left and hit menu three times, it’d take you to the World Clock. Can’t beat a quality like that.

Okay, so sometimes it’d freak out. I’d type “Mariah Carrie” into the search engine and Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” would start playing. Other times I’d be in the middle of a game of Klondike and it would randomly finish the game for me. Sometimes it’d just refuse to work altogether. But it was mine. And now?

I can’t even listen to it without thinking about you.

When Jesse McCartney’s Body Language comes on?

I can’t help but see your smile.

Taylor Swift’s Love Story?

Your voice is clear as day.

Even Walk it Out.

Baby, you can dance.

So, okay, maybe it’s not a normal picture frame full of images for me to look at. It’s not conventional, to say the least. Then again, there isn’t anything conventional about our love, anyway. So, I guess it’s okay that every song captures a little bit of your love. Let’s take Josh Turner’s advice and,

“Why don’t we just dance?”.

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kitkat95 said...
Jan. 21, 2011 at 7:10 pm

good question  y dont we just dance


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