Who is he?

December 23, 2009
By Anonymous

Is it possible to fell loved when you feel like crap.When you try to ignore the world when you feel its laughing at you. Would you think bout suicide, drugs, or gangs? Would think of something worse than this? How you ever felt like you can do anything bout at the same time if you do anything you might end up even worse than you started? You try to look for the light but you only see dark. In the dark room your trying to look for the way out but cant find the door. Now you get a knife trying to kill your but when your about to you hear a voice. You look around but cant find who i came from. You look up and down left and right but nothing. But you see a light and from that light you see someone in white. You reach out And that persons reachs for you too. He help you up but when your up you forget about him. He starts crying then you see him dying. You go up to him and he says look for me...

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