So young and confused

December 22, 2009
By CRYBABY BRONZE, Oakland, California
CRYBABY BRONZE, Oakland, California
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I'm so young and I still act like a woman,althogh I still act like a child.I work hard to get good grades and talk like I'm in collage and yet I still want my father to be wrapped around my finger.I'm 14 years old ,I'm a romantic sob but I'm still young and I'm confused.I write to get things off my chest.The boyfriends I had all betrayed me and I never had it in mind to flirt with one.until I met a really nice guy and thought I'd give him a chance.We went out and everything was so perfect.Then he did the same thing,he betrayed me.I don't think I can trust another guy ever again.BUT,there is someone I can trust but only that person my best guy friend I've known my whole life.These words are coming out of a fourteen year old.I don't understand anything.My steptdad dosen't show me much attention unless we are talking about school or BOYS!My real dad is too busy spoiling my brothers and he dosen't remember when I was born.My mother has too much to deal with and one of those things is me.I could tell by the looks of her I'm just a sassymouth who wants to be spoiled.I try to change my ways but I just want somebody to hold.I give hugs and kisses to my donald duck stuffed animal but its not enough.Don't get me wrong I love my parents and my real father and they all love me a lot.I just feel lonely because I'm growing up and my parents can't spoil me.ALL I want is sombody to hold.I am so young and confused.

The author's comments:
this is my inner thoughts that I wanted to let out

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