The Passing of Time

December 16, 2009
I am so lucky. I know I am only fifteen, but I learned something today that takes a lot of people a life-time to learn. I learned the concept of time. I, and everyone else around me will never really understand it. It wasn’t a near-death experience. Nothing that inspirational. It was simple. My one year-old nephew was over. He just learned how to walk, so he is a little clumsy. He falls, walks slowly, and holds onto things. My grandmother was over too. She is eighty-two. She is getting older every day. She has a hard time walking. She falls, walks slowly, and holds onto things.
It was then that I realized the true meaning of time. As I sat down next to my grandmother, she began to tell me about a book she was in the middle of reading. I knew she had cataracts, and that her eyesight had pretty much gone, so I was shocked that she was able to read. When I asked her how she was able to read, she gave me the biggest smile I’ve seen her give in a long time. “My doctor has been giving me these cataract shots, though my cataracts can’t be cured, these shots buy me time”. I looked at how happy she was. I went to my room to think. Once in my room, I went straight to the mirror. I loved what I saw. I saw a girl with wavy honey-colored hair, smiling. “What makes a girl my age happy?” I thought, as I looked into my own eyes. Friends. Good looks. And to tell you the truth, at this point of our lives, ‘things‘. No matter how spiritual and un-materialistic you are, to survive high school, you need good clothing, make-up, and a lot of other ’things’. But after hearing my grandmother being thankful for her eyesight, I felt so low. When do I actually appreciate what I have? To have a better understanding, my father put it very well. He asked me, “If someone came to you and said that they would give you ten million dollars if you gave them your eyesight, would you do it? What about your hearing? Any of your five senses?”. I knew I wouldn’t.
Then I looked around my room. I have a beautiful room. But it was all so cheep and worthless compared to what I carried around on my own body. Sometimes learning from the old people of the world helps us have a better picture of what we are going to face as we get older. I never realized how much I am capable of.
I know I’m not the only one who gets touched by music. I think whoever else gets inspired by music, should listen closer to the words that they love. Sometimes those words were created for them use. Everyone has different styles and streaks, that G-d gave to help them survive, and inspire in this world.

I have a close friend who has gone through four very hard tests. A little while ago, I asked her “While all this was going on, did you ever wish you were someone else? Were you ever jealous of other people who had a much easier life than you?”. She didn’t even think twice. “No. I know that G-d gave me the strength, courage, and tools to overcome these tests”. I couldn’t believe it. She has gone through so much. But that’s exactly what she was trying to tell me. That if she had what it takes to get her this far, what would ever make her think that this life wasn’t designed specifically for her?
Today, as I was sitting through class, I took a look around. I saw all my class-mate’s faces. They would all have their own battles in life. I wondered if they’ll pull through them, or just break down. They all have what they need to win. But do they know? Do I really know?
My parents have a good friend who doesn’t have the sense of ‘taste’. He used to work in a company that worked with chemicals, and it destroyed his taste buds. Just imagine smelling amazing pizza and then eating it, but you can’t taste it. I’ve never thought about it until I met him. Maybe G-d sends these signs to us to show us how fortunate we are. To appreciate what those people are missing. Use what you have to the best of your abilities.
After my grandmother was telling me how great it is to be young, she asked me to get her a tissue. I ran upstairs, and got it. When I returned, she apologized for making me go all the way upstairs. But the truth was, that for the first time in my life, I was so thrilled to be able to run up my stairs. Here, right next to me, was a person who has a great deal of difficulty walking.

I once heard that life is like a painting. To appreciate it, you have to move back, and see the whole piece at once. Just seeing one part of it, makes the painting look complicating and confusing. In life, we don’t realize how planned out it is. How everything that moves, was sentenced to move at that time, since the beginning of creation. You were born into this world to do a special job that only you could do. Nobody in the past, present, or even future, could fill your absence. Without you, the world isn’t complete. When you see a leaf slowly falling to the ground, just know, that leaf was ordered to fall at that moment. Nothing just happens. We aren’t here to just ’be’. We’re here to fulfill the emptiness this world holds without us. To strengthen the bridge between reason and action. What we gain when we go through hard times and challenges, is a closeness to the person we will grow to be. When your journey ends, will you look back and long for a second chance? Or will you nod to the conductor of your train, telling Him you’re ready to go on and reach your final destination, with a contented, full heart, and beautiful memories.

“You are the link to the future, of an inheritance so great.”

laugh your life away...use good memories to light the path ahead of you...carry yourself're a great person...

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Laylay said...
Nov. 29, 2010 at 5:31 pm

hellooooo DA i keep reading this over and over cuz i luuuuuv it!! see ya in school tommorow!!

keep writing!

Mitch D. said...
Mar. 1, 2010 at 9:01 pm
Wow this is really amazing. I love the way it was written. Beautiful lesson. I want to add this to my list of favorites.
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