I Beleive in Magic

December 16, 2009
By scottb BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
scottb BRONZE, Lawrence, Kansas
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I believe in the power of luck as magic. The word “gods” isn’t really answered yet in my mind. However, I believe there is a sense of magic or luck, something that spurts some help every once in a while. I feel like there is a power or magic feeling inside of me sometimes that helps me out when I am about to give up. Sometimes, if I believe hard enough something will happen, it just happens out of the blue. Sometimes an answer to a test just comes to me after I sit pondering for years and years. What makes this happen? Magic is the answer for me.

Thinking back magic has always been in my spirit. Since the age of 13, I have been put in harms way and always made it out. Growing up in the country I wrote many songs from memories and experience. Flipping my four-wheeler on top of me in Colorado, I opened my eyes surprised to be alive. Looking to the left and scanning to the right I noticed I happened to be laying between two humongous rocks that sheltered me from the quads beating, was magic used then? A few years later down the line were the second sighting of magic. I had been hunting at age fifteen with my friend and male side of his family. Dumb as an ox, my friend failed to reset his shotguns safety. The gun accidentally fired producing a womping hole in the ground not more then 2 inches from my foot. Thanks to an amazing power I did not become a “hobbler!” On various occasions later in life, luck or magic was apparent. Forced into a tree years later, my truck was crunched just like Pop-Eyes squinted eye. Slipping around a muddy road way too quick, I accidentally lost the rear end. When I stepped out of the truck without a scratch, I wondered how I was alive! My big truck was almost split in two, and I walked away without a scratch and no seat belt on, how so? The only thing I came up with was magic. Experiencing magic when I got lost in the wilderness of Douglas County was the most amazing feeling in the world. My buddies and I were rafting down an unknown river between Lawrence Kansas and Topeka Kansas. After five hours of floating on the stilled glass water, nights blanket was upon us. It was going to take a miracle to get home. Hopping off the rafts to start wondering through the hazardous forest, I was scared for my life. Wondering through the dark woods for hours, not a clue what was going to trip us next, or where our position was at all I was scared for my life. Wild animals, lightning, anything could have hurt us, all we had were a pair of shorts on. At 2:45 AM when we came out in the open meadow outside my friends house after hours of fright, I was at a loss of words. It took a true miracle to get us out of that mess, I was honestly scared for my life.
Some how, luck and magic managed to get me out of that sticky situation. Through various sightings in my life, magic and luck have proven their presence. Whether it is the comfort of believing in magic or actual magic looking out for me hopefully one day I will know. Until then, I will keep on believing and hoping for more luck.

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