January 2, 2010
By Anonymous

Over the summer before fifth grade started, I was with my sister at our Grandma’s house. I was sitting at the table when my sister asked me what was wrong with my neck. So I went to the bathroom to look, and it looked swollen. I showed my Grandma and she called my Mom to come take me to the doctor. My Mom and I sat at the doctors for two hours, and they could not find out what it was. My Mom took me to Children’s Hospital the next day and they took a biopsy and gave me several shots plus a cat scan. We had to wait about a week before the results came back. The doctors called my house to talk to my Mom. They said it was a cist on the lymph nodes of my neck. They also said if we didn’t do anything about it, it could cut off my airway. I couldn’t hear what they were saying on the phone, all I could hear was my Mom saying “Oh no! When will we have to do this and do we have to stay the night?” When my Mom got off the phone, she said I would have to have surgery.

So about a week from then I and my family went into Children’s. Then I remember going back into a room so they could put me to sleep and I counted down from ten as everything around me went black and I could not stop smiling. When I woke up they took me up to a room where my family was and then I and my mom spent the night. The next morning the doctor came in to remove a tube from my neck which really hurt. Then me and my mom packed up and left. I was afraid that the cut on my neck would not heal before I started fifth grade buy it actually healed pretty good and is not even noticeable?

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