What I like about Wednesdays

December 31, 2009
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The very attitude of a Wednesday seems to be composed. No longer does the beginning of the week spell gloom, starting with the rude awakening on Monday morning and continuing with the ‘I just don’t want to be here’ feeling on Tuesday. The end of the week has not yet begun to do its dragging act with Thursday stretching until eternity and the minutes counting down on Friday. Wednesday is the middle road between exhaustion and on -the –verge- of -exploding (for the week to end). The center of the week, or any midpoint, for that matter, is that combination of two different forces meshing together to form something new and exciting. On Wednesdays, I’m wide awake. I can face the world.
That is why It happened on a Wednesday.
My grandfather drove me to school that morning. As we drove I noticed the sun rising. The yellow lines on the road sped along beside us, like they normally appear to do. I summed up what I expected to happen during the day. Other than the fact that pizza would be for lunch, I could not pinpoint anything particularly exciting. As the wheels turned in my mind, the car stopped at the school parking lot. I grabbed my backpack, thanked my grandfather and climbed out of the car. And then It happened.
I think the way the sun peaked through the leaves, the leaves that had just begun to transform from their usual green hue into the first three colors of the rainbow, ignited the feeling. Light flooded everywhere, dispelling the last breaths of night. The weather was warm yet fresh. I sensed and witnessed all this. But I perceived something more.
I saw ecstasy, insight, novelty, exhilaration. All around me I saw life. I saw potential. I saw renovation. For one moment that Wednesday morning I felt as if though I owned the world. Then again, I was immensely humbled before the breathtaking scene before me. After all, I do not control everything, thank G-d! I just wanted to laugh. Instead I smiled.
Then, the feeling faded, almost completely disappearing, like rain slowly clearing, leaving only a slight drizzle. A small spark, that alone had the energy to fuel a train, still lingered as I walked purposefully to the school building, thinking today is gonna be one thrilling day. Wednesday.

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erinzombie said...
Jan. 7, 2010 at 3:39 pm
i really enjoyed this. keep writing and ill continue to tune in :P
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