confused about him

December 6, 2009
By Anonymous

The shivers he give's me when he touches me. The way his hand fit perfectly with mine. The way his soft skin of his finger's gently touch me. His full soft lip's around mine. His touche's could faint. His eyes could melt. His voice soft and sweet. More then an angel's. That night was amazing when we became more then friend's. The way he say's it is powerful. Things become a live agian. In my stomic is a weird fealing like somthing is foating around and around. I havent felt this befor. I don't know what it is. This is all new to me. Looking deep into his eyes i see he is hiding somthing. Somthing that no one else has seen. A dark side he says. No i dont belive so his heart is pure. Never angry, Always has a smile, Always cracking jokes, Always upbeat. You could never know what was really going on in his head. But, me I see right through him. He has somthing hiding. I know what I saw. He has a bad past that can ruin this all. He knows i see. Tell's me i can't be with him anymore. I should forget. He is'nt the one for me. He tell's me. Confustion rushes over me. what's going on?. Am I dreaming?. Question's rushing through my head. He kisses me one last time. Then he's gone like a figure of my imagination. I hear wispers. He say's mabye one day we could be friend's agian. Till then I will wait... I guess.

The author's comments:
This really happend to me. I was confused how could some one say they like you then just leave and say I have to forget about him. It's not possible. He is hiding somthing. I'm not going to give up on him just yet.

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