Ocean filled wonders

December 4, 2009
By bradcocky BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
bradcocky BRONZE, St.louis, Missouri
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The cold ocean is vaster than that of the vessels that sail it. With sandbars that allow us normal beings to swim with the fishes at an ever so safe distance, but with waters deep enough that allows us to only wonder what these beautiful creatures of the sea are doing in their daily struggle to survive. With plenty of crab holes on its beaches that disappear during the day but make their move at night, are accompanied by the sounds of kids playing on the beaches and building mighty sandcastle that would seem like the perfect home for the crabs.
The blazing sun is at its highest peak with no clouds in the sky; it must be 2 o’clock. The same airplane from earlier in the day makes its fourth run over the beach advertising “all you can eat ribs for 7.99 at Porky’s rib shack.” This is offset by a boat off in the distance on the horizon coming back towards the shore being followed by two Jet Ski’s similar to the president and his secret service.
The beach is very vibrant with college students who are on spring break. The beach goers separated boys versus girls for college pride volleyball games. Footballs are being tossed back and forth as each guy tries to impress a potential mate, but the girls aren’t looking, only basking in the sun to get their true tan under the suns’ reign.
The wind is whipping through the beach causing panic, but sunglasses come to the rescue as the optical cure to this brief sand storm epidemic.
Sand castles are marked as make-shift bases for wiffle ball games. Homeruns are crushed and the strikeouts pile up as the kids from Parkway South beat their friends from Oakville in this friendly tournament.
Constant laughter and chatter is only minimal to the great swoosh of the ocean hitting the tide. This is one of the more eloquent sounds in the world; it cannot be recorded or duplicated, only caught by the naked ear of a relaxed individual.
People packing up and rallying the troops, heading towards the exit in the form of a boardwalk, women who are tanning taking off their sunglasses and rolling up beach towels are accompanied by boyfriends who relay the game plans for tonight’s activities with fellow friends.
This has left only thinking and questions to be asked and answered. The ocean, beach, surrounding hotels, is like the beach being the sidewalk, the hotels similar to sky scrapers, and the ocean, Times Square?
Sitting in beach chairs as the sun slowly creeps beyond the ocean’s horizon, something like a door closing or someone calling it a night. This has left only a beautiful array of colors like a collage in art class, but is so breath-taking that it could easily become a mirage to the mind.
With a renewed since of purpose left by the sounds of the ocean and the sand beneath your feet which feels like tiny particles all working together which should be packaged in some type of product to help make the softest skin equivalent to a baby’s touch.
The sun has gone leaving one of those rare moments in time of no sun, no moon, just a lost time in space as if the earth has come to a complete halt. The moon rises and leaves the most exotic glare on the oceans water; the tide has lowered and the wet sand on the beach is slowly drying, preparing itself for another day of relaxation and beauty.

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This is an observation piece

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