Public Bus

December 13, 2009
You don’t deserve to be walked on. So I’m sorry I invaded you last week. But, I don’t own a car, and I couldn’t just walk from my house to downtown.
I know you’re tired and always doing things for other people, but never for yourself. People are getting you sick everyday and you have no time to recover. You have to listen to kids screaming and wives yapping their heads off. People are coloring and cutting holes in you like your artwork. But you’re not. You don’t deserve any of that.
When it’s stormy outside, you get rained on. People drag their muddy feet across you’re floor. When there’s blistering heat, your skin peels. People leave sweat stains on your seats. You have to put up with that fat bus driver every hour you’re awake. All he does is yell at you and tell you you’re worthless. That must get old real fast.
I’ll make an effort not to tread and wear on you anymore. You don’t deserve to be treated the way you are. I can see why sometimes you just “breakdown.”

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