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December 12, 2009
By Hulala BRONZE, Discy, Texas
Hulala BRONZE, Discy, Texas
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" Summer happens every year, but the same summer will never happen again"

I’ve learned one small important thing today that I wish I’ve learned it soon enough, but still thankful that it still not too late to understand. So what I’ve learn today is in a classroom. It is not about what my teacher teach me in class, but it is something that I’ve learned by myself and that I know it will stay with me throughout my year of growing up. And this is my story; My health teacher assign us a project that is due today and everyone need to present it in front of class, and so when it is my turn to do the presentation, I got really nervous because even though I prepare for it before, Im still afraid that people are going to laugh at me because of my accent. As I stand in front of class give my speech, I heard laughter and small talk from some of my classmates, I know that they were laughing and talking about how different I pronoun words. My ears feel extremely hot and I feel so nervous and embarrass, so I screw up a little bit and left out some information that is in my paper. I’ve heard them talked and laugh at me, some even laugh a little bit loud, even though I heard them but I never manage to look up at them because I was afraid, afraid to look at them and see them staring at me with that expression. I have two friends in that class, and so we talk about it after class. I don’t know for what reason but after they told me that some people are laughing because of my accent, I feel really mad, mad because I didn’t have enough gut to finish my whole project and let them laugh at me and let me down. After that day I feel that if I want to achieve something that is really hard, I just have to try harder and harder on it in order to succeed, and even if people laugh and look down on me, I just won’t give up on myself and try harder than before to not only to show them who I am, but to tell them that I can do it no matter what they think and even if they look down on me, because what that can you still manage to push them away and continue your road. Can you still try your best and manage until the end is what matter most. I was unable to face what happen when I heard them laughing at me, I was unable to face my fear and was unable to manage to finish everything that I want to say on my speech. And now thinking back, I just want to tell myself that there will be no next time for that, they can laugh and look down on me because I am more different than them from the color of my skin to the first language that I spoke, but there is one thing that I’ve learn but they have not yet learn is that they don’t know how to accept other’s differences, even if it is because others are different because they are rise in a different places and see things differently from them or because that person is different because of how they look or like, either way; to me I think that there are some lessons you can only fully understand once you come across it or someone that you know experience it or maybe just understand it when you are old enough to understand. I don’t blame my classmates that laugh at me, because only if they understand more about this, I know they won’t laugh at me during my speech, and I know that one day they will understand about it.

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