Candy Cane

December 12, 2009
He has the eyes of an angel, shiny, innocent, and loveable. His smiles are like the sun – help brighten up everything with love, hope, and happiness whenever he sparks that light. He is like a goodness that gets send to this world to help brighten other people’s day. And yes it works, it really do works! He helped me brighten my day and I always want to be with him, because when I am with him, I know that I can weather whatever is in front of me. I still remember three Christmas ago, when I gave him his first Christmas present in that Christmas day, I still remember the look upon his face that day when I handed him my present, even though it is just a piece of candy cane that I bought at lunch in school that day, “are you serious?” is the first thing that he ask me with a happy-surprise look on his face, “hey that is not fair, where is our gift then?” “yah where is our present?” my friends ask me, I don’t know how to answer that question so I said “I ate it” everyone laugh, but he just look at me and give me his smile, it just like giving a cup of hot chocolate during the cold Christmas day. I know that I liked him and that he liked me and that is all that matter. That is actually my best Christmas I’ve ever have the first time that I stand in America.
We all know that time will continue to pass, giving us a lot more of new surprising things to come to our life, but old good memories can never fade away, and it will stay here-right in our heart. That is what great about good memories. You don’t need to take a picture or record it; the image will just stay with you.
This angelic guy that I mention here maybe already forgot about all me and the happy time that we had spend together since he is so popular with all the girls and the fun time he spend with his cool friends. Who still want to remember about the candy cane girls who like him so many years ago? But that is fine with me because today is a special day because something hit me today that make me realize I need to try and put him to the side. It is time for me to learn the word ‘let go’. Maybe one day in the future, something hit him and he’ll realize that I’m the one for him and that those girls in school like him just because of his look… let just pray.

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