Love Squared

December 11, 2009
By Rain-Bow BRONZE, Mecca, California
Rain-Bow BRONZE, Mecca, California
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"You have to get through the worst part, to finally get to the best part"

Why is it that I’m feeling like this…Do you love me…Why do I doubt your love…?

It all started with the worst October day in my life. Monday, October 15, 2009. I still have the vivid picture of the way your eyes looked at me when you gave me “the letter.” The written message of your lie. The lie that haunts me. The lie that put my life on STOP at that precise moment. The statement that shed me to tears. The words that showed me the untruthfulness of our relationship…

Why is it that he decides to confess his love now? He literally asks me out. The way he looks at me…with such passion. The way he hugs me…like if in the only thing he desires. The way he tells me he loves me…with such warm affection. Why until now?
I loved him before. I hid my true feelings from him before…

I really do love you. When I’m with you it feels right. I get all those butterflies. I wish it were just you, me, and the universe. It’s impossible to describe the things you make me feel. I can’t hold it in.
I tell you “I love you”…I get nothing.
I tell you “you mean the world to me”…nothing.
I tell you “I don’t feel my heart inside, it’s because you’ve got it with you”…nothing.
Why can you only tell me you love me by writing it to me?
That I’m the best thing in your life.
That tour heart belongs to me.
That I’m the person that makes you happy…?
I want you to tell me.
I want you to show me.
I’m afraid that I start feeling something for him.

Why is it that I’m feeling this…Do you love me…Why do I doubt your love…?
it that im feeling this...

The author's comments:
This is my first piece. I hope you guys like it. Comment... :D

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