A Rainy Night

December 9, 2009
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The once blue sky slowly changes to the dark gray of rain as footsteps make their way out to the dull red car waiting at the end of a parking lot. Clouds hold off for now, not willing to give away their precious supply of water to the dry summer heat. A sound is heard as the man forces his key inside and jerks the car door open. The footsteps stop, as the man places himself into the beige tinted seat of the cold empty car. Spits and sperts rattle the air as the key is turned bringing the engine to a soft roar. Unable to hold off any longer the clouds slowly give way. Soft pitter-patter of the rain performs a dance on the steal roof of the car. Windshield wipers swipe the water away giving a skewed view as the persistent rain continues to coat the glass. It moves, slowly at first as the car is put into reverse, backing out of its resting place across the slick water covered asphalt. Fog forms on the windows with every passing breath, while the rain cools the air of the summer evening. Wheels roll over the ground parting the film of water flowing across the lot. The red car comes to a screeching halt at the edge of the parking lot, a dim yellow light flashes through the stream of falling rain, it makes its turn onto the unknown road
The clouds become relentless, letting go of all that hay have, turning a simple evening shower into a downpour, blinding all that are stranded in this path. The bright white lights that once filled the air become invisible with the increased rainfall, the driver blind, the road a complete mystery. Sounds swishing of windshield wipers fill the car, desperately trying to make any attempts at making a clear view of the path ahead, the road barely visible, let alone anything else. Powering forward the engine hums. There is a green light in the distance that changes to a dim yellow; the car vibrates with the force of the breaks.
Two small red dots appear, the light smears across the windshield, approaching ever closer. His sight become clearer, a dark black bumper of another car appears from beyond the vial of rain only moments away. Forcefully, the driver presses down on the large break peddle, the breaks scream in agony as they desperately try to grip the wet asphalt, trying to bring the car to a stop. An impossible task, the wheels give way to the slick street sliding the car on its path towards the car that lay ahead. The world spins around the car as it slides uncontrollably to its final destination. With a loud crash the two cars become one as they collide with one anther, wrecking all in its wake. The driver jumps, his head hitting the ceiling, his hat falls to the floor. Folded like a deck of cards, the hood blocks the view of what lay beyond the windshield. The once bright headlights fall dim while their protective glass lay shattered on the street below. Frantic hands scurry around the interior, shrieking for the necessary information. A click is heard as a body steps out into the pouring rain the red light above illuminating the scene. His eyes stray over to his victim; a seemingly undamaged green sedan sits in the middle of the street, the driver who looks to be unaffected by what he had just experienced. But all is not well as the man’s former victim makes haste as the red light changes to a calming bright green, leaving only confusion behind. He holds out his hand, and not a single drop falls.

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