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December 9, 2009
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People’s experiences have an outstanding impact on their lives and identities. For example, children are influenced by their parents’ behaviors and actions. Also, a student is impacted by their school, the teachers who work there, and their peers. I feel that I am knowledgeable, principled, hard-working and kind. However, of the many traits that I possess, I feel that I am mostly caring. There have been many moments in my life that have proven me caring, but specifically one defining moment.
I was positive that this was what I wanted to do. My hair was just not doing anything for me anymore, and it was time to move on. I sat down as the woman washed my hair thoroughly. It took at least five minutes to wash all of it, because it was just so long. Too long. As she was finishing up, it finally hit me. Was I really ready to do this? I considered the option of just trimming it instead. Then, of course, I thought about the child that would receive my hair. The child that didn’t have any hair at all and I had over a foot of it. My heart hurt for that child. I had to do it, I thought. I was ready. As I re-stationed myself to my haircutter Sylvia’s cutting area of the salon and took a seat in the chair, I tried with all I had in me to relax. I wasn’t successful with relaxing; instead, I was shaking anxiously on the inside. I am pretty sure I was shaking on the outside as well. Just then, the hair cutter grouped all of my hair behind me and brushed it painstakingly. She then grabbed a scrunchie and made a ponytail.

“You’re sure, right?” Sylvia asked cautiously. I simply nodded, not feeling sure enough to actually answer. As she prepared her scissors, I could feel chills running down my spine and all throughout my body. Thoughts raced through my head, and I just felt confused. I was scared. I overheard my mom whisper to the haircutter as she gathered a few other materials.

“I kind of thought she was going to back down, to be honest,” I heard her say. I did too, I thought to myself, but now, I think it’s truly too late. She snipped her scissors in the air a couple of times and the sound pierced my ears. I imagined all of my hair dropping to the floor. I felt my body fidgeting in the chair. Sylvia raised the seat and tightened my ponytail. I looked up in the mirror, taking what I thought to be the last look at myself with long hair.

“It’s going to be so healthy,” she exclaimed.

“Absolutely,” my mom commented. I agreed with what they were saying, but I just could not imagine myself with short hair. It had been a while, and I was terrified of the result. Yet again, I heard the snipping of the scissors against my hair and my head felt lighter. I think I am ready, I thought. But, it didn’t matter. I wasn’t imagining the hair gone this time; it really was gone. I squeezed my eyes shut tightly, for just a second, and opened them again. I didn’t want anyone at the salon to think I couldn’t handle donating my hair, so I hid any type of emotion that I was feeling on the inside. She was still evening out the cut when my mom began to share her opinion.

“Wow, it’s not even that short! I can’t believe this is over with. It looks so much better, Liss. Really, it wasn’t doing anything for you before. What do you think?” I grinned as if to say OK, I guess so.

“She really handled this well,” Sylvia said, sounding surprised.
“Yes, she’s very laid back when it comes to things like this,” my mom added. They had no idea what I’d gone through. I guess I also learned from this experience that I am good at hiding my feelings.
When everything was finished up and my mom, sister and I were getting ready to leave, Sylvia handed me the certificate that read, “Thank you for your donation!” and was followed by some additional information. When I read the certificate to myself I thought about the child who would receive my hair and how happy he or she was going to be. That assured me that I had made a good choice.
I strongly believe that my trait is a very significant one to possess. If everyone cared, the world would be an extremely better place. Not only would all of the civilians in the world be safer, but more people would be fortunate and wealthy. If rich people cared about the less fortunate, then there would be less poverty and more middle class, happy people. When one cares for another, they are showing their love for others, too. Therefore, even a small action like donating hair is enough to help a child with cancer that doesn’t have hair. There will be fewer thoughts of war and ruining other people’s lives if everyone cared about the world and people around them. This trait, among many others is substantial to anyone’s personality.
Although I feel that I have many important and great personality traits, I would like to work on one specific trait for the future. Risk-taking is a trait that I feel I lack, and it is vital to sustain for many reasons. If I display this trait more often in my life, I know that I will be able to have more fun. Also, I admire this trait because not only will I then be risk-taking, but it will also bring out a courageous side of me and this trait can emphasize any person’s courage. For that reason, I greatly admire this trait I feel it will be extremely beneficial to my life.
This trait will not only benefit me as a person, but will also improve the world. If more people are risk-taking, then I believe there will be more discoveries of new things in the world. The more risks people take the more unfamiliar material that will be discovered. Additionally, people will come to know different hobbies and activities and they will be all around happier. This will greatly benefit the lives of the public.
I am definitely proud with who I am as a person thus far. In my life and in the life of anyone, however, I believe that there is always room for improvement. I will always strive to not only become a risk-taker, but to gain some other traits that I may lack as well. Of course, I will try to further express myself as a caring person, because I can always achieve more. From this experience I have learned that, although I wanted my hair to stay the length it was, it is significant to think of others before myself. If everyone could give a little, in the end, something good will come back around.

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