The First Snow of the Season

December 9, 2009
By , Commack, NY
Snow is seen as a majestic thing, for all ages snow brings back good feelings and can fix any problem. Everybody can understand the feeling of seeing the first snow fall, there is no thought of how am I going to get to work, or school, the first thing everybody thinks of is “Holy Crap it is snowing” and everybody suddenly gets a little giddy feeling in their stomach before they realize how much trouble now lays ahead of you now, though the first day of snow this year was perfect.

The first day of snow this year was December first at around ten o’clock, I was in science and I could not get any more bored. Some people claim it was not snow but all the same I really did not care, I wish it would have lasted for more than ten seconds, but that is what made it so great. They say people always want what they can’t have, that is why this snow day was so interesting people know they saw snow, it was even saying that there was snow on local weather stations, but those people that did not see the snow were greatly disappointed and even denied the existence of snow that day. The idea of snow brought hope to minds of people every were that maybe New York won’t have a snow less winter like previous years. There is nothing more that you can ask for in a winter, for snow.

In past years snow levels have varied from three feet to nothing but dry dirt. This was believed to be from global warming or people just not believing in Santa Clause, but whichever way you put it no snow, is very depressing. I think ever body can agree they would not be able to acknowledge their childhood as successful without the memory of a greet snow ball fight, getting hit in the face and snow getting in you hood thinking how stupid you are and how you never should have started a snowball fight in the first place, though later you are sipping hot coco in front of the fireplace think to yourself two words “worth it”.

Any way you put it anybody would be looking forward to snow, not in the recognizable way, but the first snow of the season is a memorable and hopeful time. I guess you could even compare a first snow to Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny or Hanukah Harry. The first snow fall brings tears to everybody’s eyes and hope for a whole lot more snow to come.

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