First Years of School

December 9, 2009
Throughout my years of school I have had some good experiences and some bad ones. I especially remember back in the good old days of primary school. Whether it was learning how to add or write letters in script or learning how to multiply, all my experiences were memorable. Like Scout, I was not sure what school going to be like. Would I be able to make friends and get along with other kids? I guess it worked out because now I am friends with some of the kids I have known since first and second grade.

I liked my first grade teacher, Mrs. Murphy because she was always kind and never became frustrated with any of us. I remember every Friday she would always let us go to the play ground or play kickball in the field at the end of the day. I looked forward to this every week. Although I liked my first grade teacher a lot, I liked my second grade teacher Mrs. De Marco a little more. Not only was she kind and patient, but she wanted us to have fun and enjoy school while still learning the second grade curriculum. Mrs. De Marco did lots of hands on fun activities with subjects like math and art. Some times she would invite the parents to come in and help out. On different holidays, like Thanksgiving, we made arts and crafts with turkeys and other things related to this holiday. Other then my birthday, Halloween was my favorite day. They let you come to school in a costume and each class had their own party with snacks, games and activities. Overall it was a fun day.

After I graduated second grade I said good bye to Mrs. De Marco and moved on to third grade. Where do I begin? I definitely not like my third grade English teacher, Mrs. Cook, one bit. She was always telling us to write in complete sentences even when we took notes. Ever since I started school up until now, I never really liked to write. Sometimes I just didn’t have the patience. She also made us have to do reading logs for every book we read which usually consisted of answering questions about the plot, characters, etc. The part I hated the most was having to write down all the words we didn’t know and look up the definitions. That part usually took the longest because as eight year old kids in third grade, there were myriad of words that we didn’t know. Throughout my years of school I have had to put up with bad times and enjoyed all the good times. Although I have no say in whether I go to school or not, it’s definitely worth it because all the friends I made and all the things I learned.

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ie tyler is a fan said...
Jan. 31, 2011 at 7:16 pm
you did all that i would suggest for a good story
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