December 9, 2009
By Anonymous


The middle school years are a time when decsisions must be faced daily. Realtionships and friendships begin to be tested and challenged. Growing up I always had my one bestfriend since pre-school. We did absolutly everything together and were never apart. Fighting was never an option because we liked all of the same things and agreed on everything.

As we began to grow up we made new friends and were apart of two different groups of people. I was known as more social and outgoing while she was known as shy and timid. It finally hit me that close friendships can easily end but I was accepting of this because I had a new group of great friends who I loved, or thought I loved.

One day I was sitting in lunch with my new group of friends when I noticed my old friend sitting all alone. I was quick to yell her name and invite her to sit next to me, not thinking that it was a very big deal. She began to walk over and sat down at the table, I could tell she was nervous
around my new friends. As she sat down, a girl named Ashley said “ew!” reffering to her. All the girls at the table began to laugh hysterically in her face saying rude things to her.

It took a lot of courage and bravery to stand up for my old friend and defend her. I told the girls that they needed to stop because she was my friend and no one can talk to any of my friends like that. Everyone looked at me with shock because no one has ever stood up to the confidence-crushing girls. My old friend and I stood up and walked away and sat together. I felt very good about myself for defending my friend.

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