"The Greatest Lost"

December 9, 2009
There were two people in my life that were more important to me then my own parents and that were my grandparents. My grandparents joe & mary were the nicest most caring and loving people in the world. My grandma cared so much for her family and she always taught me & my older brother right from wrong and every sunday she went to church with me or my brother. My grandpa was in the war before he married my grandma and apodted my father. My grandpa as i remember was a sweet guy and he always had something funny to tell me & my brother. He loved his wife so much and everytime they had a fight or disagreement they always made up with each other. My grandpa would take me and my brother tony to a little pound near my house and it was fun being down there. He let us go into the water..he would swing us around and always tell us stories about the place. Both of my grandparents were the greatest people that ever lived on earth. I was about 3yrs. old when i saw it happened. I remember this day clearly like it happened yesterday. I was in the living room watching tv and playing a game, My grandpa just got home from work and i said "hi" to him and just looked at him. I saw his face expression turn to worry or scared. He grab his chest and i heard his breathing turning bad. He held onto the table next to him and a few seconds later he fell onto the ground. I dropped my game and ran to him and at 3 i knew what was going on. I ran to my grandma and said "Grandpa's on the floor". My grandma got up so fast and ran to him. She then ran to the phone and dial 911 but he was already dying. The pedmecidals rushed to my house and got him and put him in the abmulance. I knew he was already dead. My older brother was babysitting me and my parents called us into the living room and told us grandpa passed away. I knew it meant he died and i knew he died on his way to the hospital..there was nothing the doctors could do to save him. I ran to my room and didnt even want it to be true. I just didnt want it to be. He was the most nicest guy ever..why did god have to take him now. Now he can never see me when i get older or his wife or my brother or my parents ever again. It killed me inside to know i would never get to share any of my brithdays or special moments with him. The worst part i had to see him died and didnt even say goodbye to him or that i love him. Seeing someone close to you died never would leave someone's mind it will always stay there. To me to get my mind off of loosing him i hang out with my friends or listen to music or mess with my older brothers. The another lost happened when i was 10yrs. old. I dont remember much about what happened but i remember alittle. my grandma for months was really sick and i was there to help her out and all that and it got to the point where she always needed someone there to take care of all her needs and my father or mother couldnt do it so they decided to put her in a old people's home. She refused to go and i didnt want her going eaither because that meant i only get to see her alittle bit not alot like i use to. But they forced her to go. Just 3 weeks into being there she got so sick that she was dying. It was friday and i came home from school my mom and dad were upset and i didnt know why. They called me into their room and my mom told me "we have bad news for you" and i said "ok what is it". My mom sat me down and said "we got a call and they told us your grandma died this morning". I cryed soo hard and couldnt even belive it. I lost both of them. At the time i blame god for taking them from me. I was mad and upset at god and myself. I didnt say bye to her eaither or that i love her and everyday it kills me so much that i never say i love you to them. Every holiday that past was different for my family but harder for me because i was the closest to both of them. Every christmas that comes i start getting more and more sad. There one wish i always want every christmas and that is to hear one of their's voices or to see them in sprit but it never happened and i keep hoping it will. I'm 16yrs. old and it been a long time but i never got over eaither of their deaths. I doubt i never will. I'm still living my life and doing things i love. I know their both looking over me and they know how happy ive been and that i have a loving boyfriend. I know people say the only way they will rest in peace is if you let them go but i cant do that yet. It's to hard. I love them soooo much and i was closer with them then jelly and peaunt butter. I'm crying writing them right now. I can never let them go and i wont..i cant let them go its way to hard to. When you loose someone its really hard and you always want them back and to belive its not real but you have to live your life and then its taking away from you. You live and died theres nothing you can do to prevent it,its going to happened. I will never forget my grandparents or the memories.

R.I.P Joe&Mary. Love You Always.

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