Inevitable Love

December 9, 2009
Jane and Anthony where holding hands again. They tried to make it look casual but we could all tell they enjoyed it. Jane was blushing and Anthony was smiling bigger then usual. "You guys are perfect for each other!" we would say. "No, we're just friends." they'd reply. They held hands and talked and got lost in their own world again. The world where only they existed and the rest of the world didn't matter. It was innocent and chaste love, adorable but obvious. Yet they continued to deny it to us and themselves. Finally one day they cracked. A simple quick kiss under a friend's bed while playing hide and seek led to another kiss. And another. And another. Slowly they began to accept their love. They would deny it if any of their friends mentioned it. But the kisses, the smiles, the cute things they did attested to the fact theirs was an inevitable love.

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