Thanksgiving Table

December 7, 2009
By Anonymous

Thanksgiving is an annual event that is unforgettable with the outstanding assortment of all different foods and desserts. The shiny, brown wooden table is covered with a deep red, rough table cloth. Along the perimeter of the table cloth is an off-white and golden border that produces a feeling of love and warmth throughout the whole house. The border also makes people in a cheery mood and makes them love to celebrate the amazing Thanksgiving holiday. At every assigned seat, there is a white and golden napkin folded inward, which is carrying the newly polished silverware on top. The silverware is so shiny that if someone were to look at it, they would see their reflection. In line from left to right, the line-up of the silverware goes: the small fork, then the large fork. Then on the opposite side of the plates are a small knife and then a soup spoon. Each plate that is bordering the table has a dark red border, fading in going from a light brown to a brown-gray. The plates are smooth and shiny, and match the tablecloth they are sitting upon. Hiding the plates for a little while are matching soup bowls sitting on top of the plates.
The amazing assortment of food is almost indescribable. Each bowl is filled to the top with a creamy, steamy, white potato soup. The potato soup gives off an odor which penetrates throughout the whole house, making each room smell like potatoes. Along with the soup is an array of astonishing foods. Right in the center of the table is the large, juicy turkey that is sliced very thin into white and dark meat pieces. To the left of the turkey is the creamy, fluffy, white mashed potatoes and smoking brown gravy. Next to the potatoes is the lumpy stuffing that is loaded with breadcrumbs and bite-size pieces of celery and onions. Along with the stuffing are the sweet-potatoes, which are creamy and bright orange, drowning in white, fluffy marshmallows which are scattered throughout on top. Next is the slimy, mouth-watering cranberry sauce, which is almost impossible to pick up out of the bowl and to place into someone’s plate. There is also steaming vegetables, such as dark green asparagus covered in breadcrumbs.
Following the best, most filling dinner of the year is an enormous amount of desserts. Sitting in the center of the table is the family favorite, rich, home-made apple pie, that was gone within two minutes of being placed on the table. There is also a dark, double chocolate chip moist pound cake. Along with those two desserts is a creamy, American cheesecake, that was layered at the bottom with a dark, crumby graham cracker crust and then sitting on top was the cake. The last dessert is a colorful bread pudding. The bread pudding is light brown in color, with blueberries and raspberries swimming in the cake, making a swirl of a pink and blue colored ribbons.
Left on the table after the dinner was done with was many crumbs and a few stains of food that were dropped on the table cloth. The Thanksgiving table was loaded with a tremendous amount of food, and when the food was all gone and cleaned up, the joy and happiness of all the family members filled the house, replacing the sweet smelling potato smell.

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