Does he still love me

December 11, 2009
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Does he still love me

My dad said “I will always love you.” Does he still love me like he said he loved me?

It all started on March 23rd my sixteenth birthday a good time, me and my family always got along we always talked about everything. But on March 30th I found out that I was pregnant I told my dad “I’m sorry dad.” That’s all I could tell him. That day my dad stopped talking to me. He went a week without talking to me. I felt like if I have let him and my brothers down. I wanted him to talk to me. I was scared even though I always babysit by brothers but never my own.
Is my dad going to kick me out? I thought to myself I always thought that my dad would kick me out if I ever got pregnant. But he loved me so much that he didn’t kick me out. A week passed and my dad began to talk to me. Every day he would tell me, “ Everything is going to be okay, were going to get through this I promise.”
I can still see my dad crying when I told him I was pregnant his pale face like if he had seen a ghost. But that day that he talked to me that day I knew that my dad loved me. Those words made me feel good knowing that I was not alone and that he was going to be there for me till the end.
The most important thing I realize is that my family will always going to be there for me. And in this case it was not in exception there were there for me. Even though my dad didn’t talk to me for a week and I began to feel like he didn’t love me. I learned that tough times make you stronger in life and that when you have an adversity you could count on some of you family or friends.

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