December 2, 2009
By nkorom14 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
nkorom14 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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The stands are packed at Arrowhead High School. The match is coming to a close and the crowd is on their feet. The score is 13 to 13 in the fifth game of the volleyball match. We need two points to beat our biggest rivals Kettle Moraine. KM serves the ball and the pass goes up to Danny our setter. He gives the ball to Jesse who drills it at the other team. Their passer digs the ball and they shoot the ball out to the pin. But they didn’t know my middle blocker and I were waiting for this. The hitter takes a swing into our block and we send it back in his face. It was as if someone had built a wall in front of the net.
Now it is 14 to 13 and we have the lead. I can hear the crowd cheering, “Let’s go War-hawks!” Our coach is pacing in front of the bench. He is screaming but I am too focused on the game to hear him. We serve the ball and it is volleyed back and forth. We are given us a floating free ball over the net. They handed the ball to us. The pass goes into Danny’s hands. But who is he going to give the ball to? Who can he trust to put it away? Me.
As the ball flies through the air all I think is this ball is mine. There is a hole in the block and that is where I need to put it. I hit the ball and it came off my hand like a speeding bullet. It goes straight down. We win. We are victorious.
As the crowd rushes the floor, I hear the announcer come over the sound system. He says, “The War-hawks win thanks to Nick Korom’s game winning kill.” I have just won the game. I am Victorious.

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