More Than a Brother

December 2, 2009
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I didn’t know who to pick as the most influential person in my life. I looked at famous people like presidents, athletes, inventors, actors, and actresses, but none of them seemed to fit the description. Then, I realized that I should look at family and friends. I narrowed it down to my brother who taught me right from wrong, and my friend who has been there for me since I was born. I couldn’t choose between the two, so I just decided to write about both of them. They both ended up being the same person anyway.

My brother’s name is Sam and he is 21 years old. Currently, he attends Missouri State University and will graduate in the winter. I have always looked up to him as a role model in my life; somebody to look up to. Since I was born Sam always helped me out when I was in trouble. If I ever needed somebody to talk to without getting in trouble he would always be there. The awesome part about this was that he would never tell anyone, and always keep my secrets.
One of the greatest characteristics about him is that he doesn’t care what other people think of him. I have learned this from him. You shouldn’t take criticism from someone if what they say is completely wrong. Also, I have learned from my brother not to give in to peer pressure. For example, if somebody asks you to do something you know is wrong, my brother would say to them “no thanks” and just walk away. I learned this from my brother, and in situations like these I would just think of what my brother would say. When I was a younger, Sam would always teach me what is wrong and right in the world. If I was to do something that was bad and I didn’t know any better, my brother would say, “Gus, stop. What would mom and dad say?” That is how I distinguished right from wrong. From the statement, “What would mom and dad say?”

Sam is the most influential person in my life when it comes to athletics. When we were little all we ever did was play sports, non-stop. Everyday when we got home from school until it was dark we would play every sport possible. He was always a lot better than me, but it was good practice for me. Also, playing with people that are more athletic than you, make you more athletic. Today, because of my brother challenging me in sports, I am currently playing three varsity sports at my high school. From his competitive attitude always toward me in sports, it has helped me out academically, too. I always have this competitive attitude, so I strive to finish all my homework and do well in everything I do. Success is key ingredient in my life, and my brother gave that to me. I am sincerely grateful for this.

My brother has showed me how to live my life, from every aspect. He has the most responsible and honest attitude toward others, and I have gained this characteristic from him in the real world. Also, Sam is a very generous and giving person. I still look up to him to this date, and I probably will until I die. He is the best thing that has happened to me in my life thus far.

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~MidnightAngel~ said...
Jan. 10, 2010 at 5:35 pm
that's how I feel about brother;-)
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