Wrongful Assumptions

December 2, 2009
By Anonymous

People make assumptions about you no matter how you look. If you’re skinny, you don’t eat; if you’re big, you eat too much. There are many things that play into when deciding what the “right” size is. Questions like how is that person so skinny? Does she starve herself? What diet is she on? I want on that diet. She’s so skinny does she even eat healthy? Its assumptions all over the world about people being too skinny, too fat, not the right size that affects people’s feelings all over the world.

For me, I don’t really have to worry about what I can and cannot eat. I’m pretty lucky, but the things that people say don’t really help that fact. I get questioned and looked at like,” why is she so skinny? She’s so small and skinny.” In my defense, I eat way more than you could ever imagine. My friends eat the same amount as me, and sometimes I eat more than them. My mom has a fast metabolism and is still small to this day. It’s nice to not have to worry about what I can’t eat, but I wish people could just think twice before saying things about how that person doesn’t eat or whatnot. Some people don’t even notice and are like you’re so lucky your skinny. And I know; I love being the way I am. I get offended sometimes when people ask me why I’m not eating, or why I don’t do this and that. Another factor that plays into my lifestyle is that I’m active and in pretty good shape, so that comes into play of how I’m skinny. Unfortunately, not everyone has a fast metabolism and they do everything possible to attain “the image” they want.

Most people portray the perfect person as being petite. Why do a lot of people want to attain that image? Do you think that starving yourself is going to help in the long run with your health? The answer is no. Going on diets isn’t going to help either. When going on diets you’re not eating the regular amount you’re used to and it affects your daily life. Going on a diet doesn’t just affect you physically; it can also affect you mentally. The mental part is what I also refer to as the emotional part. Your brain is affected in the fact that if you’re not getting what you want, it goes crazy. What if the diet isn’t working? You’re upset and can get depressed, and one symptom of depression is eating, which really didn’t help you much right? Or it can go the other way and you won’t want to eat at all. All a person should do is eat right and exercise. You are who you are, and you shouldn’t want to change yourself to fit some “image” society thinks is the best.

One way to attain the “image” is to starve your self. By not eating you will eventually get really unhealthy and start looking thinner. You should be able to tell a healthy skinny from an unhealthy skinny. When someone is anorexic their face is small and they don’t walk straight up and it looks like there is barely any blood flow. Their body could be so small that you can see their bones and it just doesn’t look right. To also accomplish the “right look” some might throw up the food that they ate, which is commonly know as bulimic. This isn’t what society wants to see. Everyone should love the way they are and not pay thousands of dollars for surgery, or diet plans. There are people out there that will love you for who you are; not everyone is judgmental. Being fit and being skinny are too different things. Being fit is an easier goal to accomplish, and it makes you feel better about yourself. When you are trying to loose weight, there’s always going to be that voice in your head saying I can loose a couple more pounds, which overall means you’re never going to reach your goal.

People idealize the perfect girl in their own way. Either way all people technically get judge. They get judged in the way that wow, that girl is SO skinny does she eat? Or the way that wow, that girl eats WAY too much. People are always commenting on whether or not someone is eating or not. That’s just they way society is. But some people know what you’re going through, or have it happen to them; they get questioned, and it might hurt, and others may not know, but stand tall, and be yourself. Society is supporting the “skinny” image because they digitally enhance photos for magazine ads like Ralph Lauren for example; they make a slender model even skinnier. “It is commonplace that women are pressured to meet an artificial standard of beauty. These ads affect men too, giving them false expectations of how women look” (Should Photos Come With Warning Labels?). Having companies advertise the wrong images of women, is not right at all. If affects both males and females all over, mentally and of course physically, especially for women.

Society glorifies thinness over health because they think its okay. They think that you’re just going to die anyways, and many people say “I rather be skinny and dead, than fat and alive”. I don’t understand how someone can say that about themselves. If you exercise and eat right that really shouldn’t be a problem. People classify eating nutrition bars and that is “healthy” for them. Society classifies things in weird ways; everyone wants to be the perfect girl.

Everyone wants to fit in and be the best person they can possibly be. But it’s hard to conquer that goal when others don’t approve, or when they question. Fingers and words have been pointed to me about how skinny I am, and I get over it. I know inside that I eat as much as everyone else and I get in shape, and this is way my body type is. I am completely fine and comfortable with it; I just wish others could see that too. Society needs to take a step back and think inside their heads before coming out and saying that skinny people don’t eat, and need to eat more.

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