You Are Beautiful

November 22, 2009
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Do you know that you're beautiful?
I will remember the sheen of your hair, the smooth of your skin, and the curves of your body. You're beautiful. I'll miss the way your eyes bloom from boiling caramel into mellow emerald to look on me and hide thoughts I'll never know. I'll miss they way you hold me as if I'm about to fall off an iron curtain between thoughts and reality. I'll remember the way you're your own person, a human in his own right, physical and alive. I'll remember your restraint, and your apathy. I'll remember the way you didn't hold me back, because you weren't there. I'll miss your acceptance of whatever is wrong with me. I'll miss how lovely and comforting your voice was when it rumbled into my body. I'll remember how paranoid I was every time you said you had to talk to me… that what my parents said before… that's why I am the way I am. And I can't come to terms with it... and I'll always remember how you didn't hate me, and you told me I was just fine. I can trick myself into a smile when I think of you because some little part of you sets me into nostalgia the second you leave... the second you leave life comes crashing in on me. But while I'm with you it's just us and we can just lie there, and listen to each other breathe and wonder if this is what love is like.
I'll miss you so much. I keep realizing that the more I get involved, the more I'll hurt in the end.
But while you're mine, I'll love you like I've never been hurt

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