Trust Bust

December 7, 2009
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His heart filled with wonder, his heart filled with joy. This is the story, of a happy boy. The boy wasn’t very smart, but he had the biggest heart. He didn’t make the best choices and always heard the wrong voices, but that didn’t stop him. He saw everything in her and trusted her with everything, but that didn’t stop her. He knew who she was even though he had a small buzz. She knew what she was doing all along even before he was gone. She made the boys heart grow bigger and bigger. In fact, she did more than just that. With her simple decision she hurt the boy worse than any incision. She used his lust to destroy his trust. The boys’ big heart forever scarred. For months the boy seemed to wonder around withdrawn. At last, another girl, despite his frown, saw the good in him. They seemed to need each other without realizing it. As days past their love grew fast. The boy still unsure about her decided to make his move, thinking she could possibly be his cure. The boy, still feeling unjust and without his trust own trust, had finally made the right choice. The first had left her curse and the boy was at his worst. Now with the second girl, the boy isn’t so blue despite his thoughts. Inside his brain, they still rot, but the boys’ heart grows and grows and still thinks he is the victim of another plot.

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