Fight For Love

December 6, 2009
By PRGirl1993 BRONZE, Ansonia, Connecticut
PRGirl1993 BRONZE, Ansonia, Connecticut
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"I'm Still Young & Livin' My Life"

I Don't Know why I was here,I don't know why my parents were doing this to me. Could'nt they see i really loved him,I needed him. It's not right to keep us away from each other. "I Love You" is all i kept hearing in my head. Now I lay in my bed with the stuffed animal dog he got me and cry myself to sleep wishing i would see him again. All I can listen to is sad love songs and cry. Couldn't go to school,couldn't get up out of bed. We always thought we would be trogether forever but that turned into never. My Parents were driving us apart. I yelled in my sleep "Luis i love you,i need you". No one understood what we've been through, they don't understand anything,All they understood was that he was older then me but i didn't care. Me & Him fought to love. I use to say "I never knew loving was a crime,if it is then why do they let people be with each other" but that was because they were younger and had people that were their ages but people that are way older is a different story. Age to me doesnt matter never did,all that matter was if we were happy. I guess all me & him can do is fight to love. It wouldn't matter how long it toke all that would matter is if we prove something to everyone.

The author's comments:
This piece is just about something me & my boyfriend been through with my family.

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