The Race Is On

December 5, 2009
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It was a cool April afternoon at school. The whole track team was there for our meet. We were all excited to run because that’s what we love to do. The other team had arrived and the meet had already started at 4 o’clock. The next race was the 800m race which was two laps on our school track. The referee told us to start lining up for our race. So we all got up from our seats and walked down to the track. We started to stretch and then it was time. The referee spilt us up into two groups. I was in the second group with the rest of my friends. I was a little nervous because the 800 was more of a distance event and I was a sprinter. The 800 was not my strongest race. The referee pulled the gun and the girls from the first group were off. It felt like forever watching them run but then they started crossing the finish line. Some one by one, others in pairs or clumps. Next, my coach took the first group and tallied their scores. Then it was my turn. I looked around and I saw all my really good distance friends next to me and I was really scared. I said to my self that it really was not a big deal and that I should just try my hardest. The trigger was pulled and we sprinted, everyone trying to get a good start. My friend Rose was leading. She had gotten such a good head start and she was way ahead of the rest of us. The rest of us were slowly catching up, slowly but surely. All of sudden Rose started to slow down. She had used up all her energy and her head start was wasted. She started to fall behind and I started to lead. We had just finished the first lap and I was still leading. So many thoughts were racing through my mind. “Is this really happening?” “Am I in first?” “What happened to all the other amazing distance runners?” We were half way done with the last lap and we were closing in on the last 200m. From the corner of my eye I saw my friend Ann. “Ahh, there she is” I thought to my self. Ann was one of the really good distance runners. I was starting to get nervous. I was so close. I had only a 100m left and Ann and I were neck and neck. All of sudden I don’t know where it came from I sprinted! The wind could not even catch up to me. Ann saw me starting to sprint and she started to turn her legs harder and faster. There it was the finish line. Ann was still neck and neck with me and then finally I just gave it my all. The power I never knew I had. I crossed the finish line with Ann at my hair. She was so close to me that we didn’t know who won but the referee did. We were panting and gasping for air when the referee called out “ok girls, first, come on up.” I pushed Ann to go but she pushed me back and said, “No, that’s you.” The referee kept pointing to me but I could not believe it. Finally it sunk in and I walked up with Ann trailing behind me. I had totally underestimated my self. I had beaten Rose and Ann. I can not forget all the other fast distance runners. Me, a sprinter. Can you believe it? I crossed the finish with a time of 2:56, the first time I got under 3 minutes for an 800m. That is a really good time if I can say so my self. I started walking back and I still could not believe I had finished first! I was shocked; I was at loss for words. That was me, not Ann or any of the other runners faster then me, crossing the finish line first. i could not breathe at all but it didnt matter because I had done it. Me, the sprinter.

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