Divorced Parents

December 4, 2009
By , Ballwin, MO
My parents got divorced just when I was five years old. They were only married for about ten years before they decided to get a divorce. In that time they had my older brother, older sister, and me. Since I was so young I don’t really even remember much of my parents being married, but my brother and sister do since he was 13 and she was 10 when my parents got divorced.

Society states that kids with divorced parents are usually a little on the delinquent side and usually have some sort of communication problems (Journal of Family Psychology, 14, 671-687). Society also states that usually second marriages don’t work sixty to sixty seven percent of the time and an even worse percentage if both parties have kids (Divorce Magazine 1).

Well, in my situation, my dad got remarried within six months of being divorced and the lady he married had two kids of her own. My family, though, has been determined to beat the statistics and have a well functioning family. My dad and step-mom have been married now for 13 years, and I would consider my two step sisters as real blood sisters. Sometimes also I would consider my stepmom a better mom than my own biological mother.

But society was been right about some things, such as my own mother, who was married again and ended up divorced again within seven or so years. That proved the statistic by divorce magazine that sixty to sixty seven percent of second marriages end in a divorce. Also society was right about some of the behavior problems with some kids because my brother wasn’t the best rule follower. He ended up in trouble a lot at school, tried to skip school and not always trying to hard in school.

On the other hand though it seems somehow my sister and I have beaten the system that society has constructed. My sister has been very successful in school and in many things in life; I have been so far successful in high school and in sports and plan to be successful as well.

Why does society dictate on what a family is? I believe a family is a group of people that love each other. The way people act nowadays toward their family there really isn’t much family life. There is no time with families and society has created too many things that everyone is too busy for family, with work and other activities.

Nowadays, the government has made divorce to easy to do. It seems like every other person is divorced or has been divorced. Fifty percent of all marriages end in divorce and don’t last longer than a decade (divorce magazine). Back in the old days people were disgraced if they were divorced or separated. But society has made divorce acceptable and it is almost more uncommon to not be divorced.

So in conclusion society has been correct about some things in regards to relationships and there effects on people. However society has also been incorrect in some of the effects to all people. I am very proud of my family and what we have done to overcome all the statistics of failures in relationships.

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