Don't Cry Sister

December 6, 2009
By Anonymous


“Don’t cry sister.” Jesse would whisper in your ear. “You don’t have to worry, and you don’t have to cry, everything will be okay because I am here, and I won’t let anything bad happen.”
You can always count on him Emma, when you have bad dreams, his room his right next to yours and he will wait up all night to fight away the shadows in your room. When you fall and scrape your knee he’ll take care of you, he will always be big enough to pick you up and carry you inside. When you go to a new school for the very first time, he will help you make new friends. He will tell them how amazing his little sister is and he will do everything to make you feel included in this new school. Everything will seem so different and the only thing that keeps you going through the day is seeing your big brother walking down the hall towards you. When you feel like you don’t belong and you come home crying, he will come to you and say, “Don’t cry sister.” The same protective way he did when you were young.
Boys, forget it. He’ll never let them near you. You have to find the perfect one and when you do, don’t, worry, you’ll know because Jesse will finally approve. Its hard for him to see you growing up because he remembers picking you up when you fell, holding your hand when you were scared, giving you piggy-back rides and having a tear stained jacket after you were hurt by a friend. Eventually, you’ll have someone new to run to, but don’t forget to let him know you care. Don’t forget to tell him thank you. Don’t forget that he will always be there and he won’t ever leave.
I see you in the picture clinging to your big brother and in your young mind you think that things will never change. They will Emma, and things will only get harder as you grow older. You will have to run to him so many times, he’s never going to turn you away and he will always know what to say. So when you feel like the world has turned against you, run to him, he will hold you tight and whisper in your ear, “Don’t cry sister.”

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