Because I Love Him

December 1, 2009
By CraziBunny GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
CraziBunny GOLD, Phoenix, Arizona
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When I was small about nine or ten my dad permanently removed himself from my life. As I grew older I remember always blaming myself for his leaving. I’m now fifteen and my dad always crosses my mind every now and then. I can’t tell my family how much I miss him because they hate him. I love my dad, I always have. He always meant the world to me. Every year on his birthday I pray that he will one day want a place back in my life. It’s been five or six years and you would expect me to lose hope but not a chance. I have been told I shouldn’t give him an ounce of forgiveness for all the tragedy he has caused me but I have to. In love you have to give out forgiveness especially to family. I would climb to the top of the tallest mount and swim the seven seas to see him just once more. I would like to tell him all he has meant to me. I was so young to remember all the pain of his constant leaving and constant new girlfriends but I love him. I would die to be with him but if the lord has chosen the path where I will never be back with my father well then so be it but I know I will always be waiting with open arms. I love my daddy and I’ll always be his spunky monkey. I miss the days of him combing my hair or saying “I am mojo jojo from” a line from my favorite cartoon The Powerpuff Girls. I remember every little detail spent with my dad and I will never forget him because I love him.

The author's comments:
i miss my real dad even though i am grateful for the man in my life whom i now call dad who has never left me and has been there for me since i was six months old.

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