November 30, 2009
Dead is me,I am dead,whatever you try,you can't change my tread. You could change,but you can't chang my,faite. Changes can be made to a miniume,but my future will no longer matter.

Friends,family,and other loved ones can be in the picture,but they can't change what I feel inside my heart. They can say "I LOVE U" as many times you want them to,but feelings are always 100% nuterual.

I feel sad,angry,sorrow,pain,suffering,and whatever explains unhappyness,but theres no way out when you ask for it.

I despise myself for saying all this madness,but its true and theres nothing or nobody that can change that. I'm desterbed when i call myself emo,but all I'm really doing is hurting others then myself.

I HATE being alone,I HATE not being understood,I HATE when people become jackasses and love making fun or even teasing me. I'm different I know,but that does NOT give you the right to judge me!!

Most of all,I don't understand why my friends say that there listening,but I don't know if they are or they're just trying to make me feel better. I really don't like when some people go behind or even stab my back,especially when I tell them to keep my secrets but they end up breaking their promises.

So now everyone,you no the truth about my life and why I never speak my feelings. Now I want you to remember my story,because you may NEVER know if others are doing the samthing to you,so be careful who you trust!!

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