November 29, 2009
By Curiousuzy BRONZE, Hampton Bays, New York
Curiousuzy BRONZE, Hampton Bays, New York
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It was a Sunday evening and I was ready to eat. We were on our way to the church because they were having a thanksgiving diner and they let anyone in. That night we never got to eat any turkey. We are young and do things without thinking about the concequences. Driving in the woods going 70mph wasn't a smart idea. Though we've done it once before and I knew it was dangerous. I knew we could get into an accident. I knew I let him put our lives in danger. The first time he decided to go 70mph in the woods I told him, I warned him and he didn't listen. He's the type of guy that needs to experience something himself in order to learn his lesson. I knew I wouldn't change his mind and I had to let him learn this lesson on his own. The problem was that I wanted to be there when he did. I was there, I learned that lesson with him, that night when we started going into the woods, slowly and gradually increasing the speed of the small jeep we were in. I had a feeling that something was about to happen for sure this time. I closed my eyes and held on to whatever I could. I felt the speed inside my head. Opening my eyes after the brutal collision against a tree made me aware that I was still alive. It all happened so fast and somehow we survived. I wasn't scared at that moment. My heartbeat didn't change at all. I remember getting out and examining the car. I stopped to think of a solution to our problem but the impact we had experienced before resulted in a headache. We both had a headache. We couldn't think properly. All I could think of was the lesson. I had told him the day before that he would never learn a lesson until he experienced it himself. I was right. I knew this because I also have trouble concentrating on doing what is right. I have to experience life myself in order to learn lessons. After all of that happened, dealing with our parents and "I told you so"'s, we both realized that we were very lucky to be alive. Doing things without thinking about the concequences is not the right choice. The lesson that we learned won't be forgotten. We will accumulate our lessons and knowledge as we grow. That's the lesson I learned that day. That's the lesson we both learned that day. Together. I was happy.

The author's comments:
Imagine if we got hurt? We wouldn't have been able to spend Thanksgiving with our families.

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valleygirl55 said...
on Dec. 9 2009 at 6:55 pm
wat a cute story ur bf must be like really hot


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