November 29, 2009
By sarahjeanorsini GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
sarahjeanorsini GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Dear Mom and Dad,
Running a business, raising three children, then raising all three into self-sufficient college graduates is difficult to do. While loving each child individually and fairly, strict house rules have also developed. . . going out late is difficult to accomplish. I would like to propose setting a later curfew, maybe midnight, or even one o'clock in the morning.
While working up to twenty hours a week, my social life has been on a decline since school started, and since most of my friends work, I barely get to see them anymore. Even if I were to go out on weekends to visit them, I work full day shifts (and so do most of my friends). Naturally, my parents would understand how important my friends are to me. Looking back to the summer, there have been many nights that I have wanted to go out, but since it was past nine o’clock, I would not be allowed to. Visiting my best friends, having sleepovers, and going to parties are things I’ve grown up into liking. You tell me to go to the party until my curfew, but if that is upheld, I only see my friends for roughly an hour. Seeing my friends for an hour is better than nothing, but not enough to swap a few stories, then socialize with others. Although I haven’t perpetually been the socialist between Clint, Dominique, and myself, responsibility has been my forte. Gaining confidence and trust from you both are things I look forward to, and hopefully I am at an age where I can live up to your expectations. I know that you are trying to protect me, and I appreciate it, but I can take care of myself now that I am older. I have consistently come home on time, and have heeded your warnings with precaution, and now I hope to have gotten mature enough for this matter.
You are the only ones that can change my curfew, and the only parents I have to be considered trustworthy of. I acknowledge that you are watching over me, and don't want your little girl to be hurt, and I appreciate that fully.
For the time and effort it has taken you to raise me, I sincerely thank you, but letting freedom into my teenage years will be beneficial to all of us. Please feel free to talk to me whenever you have made a decision, I'll always be around.
Thank you.

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