Twin vs Twin

November 29, 2009
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"Mc Donald's or Burger King", my father would always ask after a long day out.
"Burger King" would be my reply while my other sisters and brothers raised war for Mc Donald's. To justify his reason for going to Mc Donald's my father would often say “there’s no difference, their both fast food, burger and fries".
Well I have always felt people see Mc Donald's and Burger King like my sister and I, there's no difference. She has the same teeth, the same hair, and the same facial expressions as me. Her over all appearance is a mirroring imagine of me. From being an identical twin I have discovered it is the toughest thing I go through in life because I don't only have to differentiate myself from my classmates and friends but also from my twin sister, who is my biggest competition in making myself unique.

Back in the 8th grade when my grandmother discovered that my sister and I would no longer be furthering our high school education together, she was outraged. She didn't understand why two people who shared everything and had so much in common would want different things. She felt that my twin and I should live out our dreams of becoming successful, New York doctors together. My feelings toward the issue at the time were the same because I didn’t know that I was capable of deciding things without my sister, I did not understand that we were individuals. To me we were the same person nothing really distinguish us, not even our names. We were referred to as twins at home, in school, and by every amazed citizen who stopped to “awe” us on the street.

My first year of high school was a social challenge seeing as I had never learnt to be myself. I was very shy because I didn’t feel like I have a blooming personality without my twin. I am glad to say that has since changed. In my sister's attendance to G**** High and myself S*****n, I have discovered that I love math, can run 3 miles in 25 minutes, that some day I want to be a successful accountant not a Forensic scientist like her, and that I am capable of being my own person.

Still at first glance I may seem like the same person as my twin sister, I know that we are both unique, individuals, able to define our own greatness. So, now when my father says there no different between Mc Donald's and Burger King. I correct him by saying "although they both serve burgers and fries, there recipes are unique.

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