November 26, 2009
I think about it everyday what could have been or should have been. It haunts me like a virus, just never going always. What my father did to me, no matter what my mother and brothers say I can NEVER forgive him. It all started 10 month from November, I haven’t talk to him for 10 month after what he did. How could turn the man who is was my father to the stranger who just lives with me. Every time I look at him I look with disgusted of whom he is. Why I said why did you have to treat me with disrespect, why did you said that you didn’t want to be my father anymore, why aren’t a good father, why did you hurt me? I want to know

I don’t need you anymore, are relationship is over. Things will never be the same. Why are you here, you think things are going to change, well there not. If you said you didn’t want to be my father any more, well you got your wish.

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