Big Ocean Blue Breeze

November 25, 2009
As my feet hit the warm soft crystal sand my eyes drew an attraction infront of me. It was crystal clear it was beautiful it sparkled in the distance. It was the ocean, when my feet hit the water it was warm my worries flowed away it was so magical. I closed my eye’s took in a huge breath and floated in the ocean breeze.

I looked around me and there I saw family’s making beautiful memories. But, something caught my eye in the ocean there were dolphins jumping for joy and seagulls squawking in the bright blue sky. When I’m at the ocean my heart falls in love my mind escapes all the worries out of my mind. When I’m at the beach I love making ever lasting memories that my family and I can look back on and say ”those were some great times back then”.

Then as I stepped deeper into the water I felt even more relaxed then I was before. I was flowed with the waves and listened to the crashes of the waves it was like music to my ears. Then I decide to go even deeper until my feet had fallen of the sand. I dipped my head under the water and opened my eyes I could not believe my eyes it was pure beauty. I saw the coral swift in the ocean currents the fish scattered I did not realize the variety of plants that lives beneath the ocean waters. The bright colors made my eyes attract the most to the plant’s and fish. I swam back to the top and got some air I figured I had seen enough for one day.

I headed back up to my beautiful condo that had a beautiful ocean view. I headed up to my bedroom and layed on my bed and shut my eyes and dreamed about my wonderful adventure. This experience has been a wonderful one and I will never for get it.

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